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Custom Media Solutions

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WebGraffix Media Solutions
is a full service media solution consulting and design company. We develop and host web sites and related media for a wide range of customers. While our specialty is custom database driven web sites, we remain true to our roots of basic, but professional, web site design and hosting.

A professional looking web site is essential in today's business world. Designing your own web site is fun until you realize how involved it truly is to create a professional looking and functional web site. As with every industry, there is a lot that goes on "behind the scenes" if you want to do it right. WebGraffix Media Solutions will help transmit your ideas and business goals to your clients in a manner that is easy to use and understand.

WebGraffix Media Solutions offers a full range of services such as web design, web hosting, database design, web site maintenance, search engine optimization, e-commerce (including real time merchant account integration), web site redesign, consulting, and web-based business tool design.

Our strongest asset is our ongoing service to our clients after the initial web site design. Our company has been built upon a business model that stresses ongoing customer satisfaction. Click here to see what our customers say.

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  • Superior Customer Service: Our CS department separates us from the rest of the crowd. If you want to always be able to speak to a real life person about your web site or related project, then you've come to the right company.
  • Customized Solutions: We will design a web site or related media solution to meet your exact needs - just tell us what you want.
    • Customer Centered Project Development. We involve the customer in every phase of the project to ensure that you get exactly what you want.
    • Online Stores. Sell your product, services, or downloadable items online. Use "real time" credit card approval, use PayPal, or receive the payment information through a password protected, secure Control Panel. (» see more)
    • Merchant Accounts. We will set up your merchant account and integrate it into your online store. This allows you to conduct credit card approvals in "real time". (» see more)
    • Web-based business software.
    • Database driven web sites.
    • Compliant web sites. We can create web sites that are in compliance with established html and accessibility standards. (» see more)
  • Experience: Over 5 years and 150 web sites, including e-commerce, "online stores", databases, and web-based business software.
  • Reliability: Our servers boasts an "uptime" of well over 99.99%. That means that your web site will ALWAYS be online and viewable. If it's not, then you can expect our technical staff to be "on the job" correcting the situation ASAP!
  • Security: We maintain strict security on all aspects of our business. This not only includes your customer account files and information, but the security of online transactions and configuration of the web server that contains your web site as well.


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