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Merchant Accounts


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Authorize.net is one of the world's leading gateway providers for merchant accounts. With a recent installation of cutting edge technology to combat DDNOS attacks, Authorize.net is fully equipped to maintain a reliable network that is always accessible for your transactions.

directly to get your Merchant Account set up started or call us at 1-229-243-7088.

BIG ADVANTAGE: One of the biggest advantages of using Authorize.net as your gateway provider is that Online Stores designed by WebGraffix Media Solutions are easy to integrate with Authorize.net to allow for "real time" credit card payments by the public.



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What kind of "Merchant Account" do I need? Be sure to choose the correct type of merchant account at the outset.

It's simply not enough to research the rates and set up fees of banks and independent sales organizations (ISOs) to find out which are the least expensive. You must be aware of the types of merchant accounts that are available to you and choose the correct one to meet your needs. The merchant accounts that are the least expensive to use won't necessarily be right choice for your business, especially if your business involves selling products over the internet.

To put it as simply as possible (keeping in mind that those in the merchant account business often use different terms and pricing structures when talking about the same thing).

 - Retail/Card Swiped Accounts are designed with the typical brick-and-mortar merchant in mind. These type is meant for merchants that can swipe the card through an electronic reader as proof that the card was present.

In some cases, a merchant provider will only allow you one or two transactions per month without the card being present. If you exceed the number of allowed transactions without the card being present (if they allow them at all), you often will incur a very stiff penalty, much more than that of the MOTO/Internet account mentioned below.

 - Retail/Keyed Entry Accounts are designed for merchants that process transactions in which the card is present but the merchant is unable to electronically swipe the card.

Rates for these accounts are generally higher than those for "retail/card swiped" accounts, but are usually lower than MOTO/Internet rates shown below. "Retail/keyed entry" accounts require that the merchant obtain a manual imprint of the card in addition to the customer's signature, so the card is still required to be present.

 - Mail Order/Telephone Order/Internet (MOTO/Internet) Accounts are for those merchants who are not normally able to physically accept their customer's credit card and therefore cannot swipe read nor obtain an imprint of the card. These transactions, as you might expect, inherently carry more risk of abuse and are therefore more expensive.

What if have a bricks and mortar store AND sell the same products online? Read the general guidelines below to help decide which type of merchant account you need. Keep in mind that a MOTO/Internet merchant account, combined with the right type of Gateway Provider, allows you to process transactions through a web-based interface that is normally easy to use. If you're willing to pay slightly higher rates than a "retail/card swiped" or "retail/keyed entry" account, then a "MOTO/Internet" merchant account may be the simplest solution for you.

Use a retail/card swiped account if you see your customer and are able to electronically swipe 90 percent or more of your transactions.

Use a retail/keyed entry account if you always see your customer and can obtain a manual imprint of the card but not swipe it, or if you routinely swipe fewer than 90 percent of your sales.

Use a MOTO/Internet account anytime you don't see your customer face to face.



To request a merchant account integrated with an Authorize.net gateway, please fill out all information below. All fields are required, so please don't leave anything blank. (The form will prompt you if you leave something blank).


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Additional Comments - Provide any other related information that you think may affect your merchant account. Be sure to include the intended use of the account. Our staff will review your request and contact you shortly (usually the same business day) about setting up your account.


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